Profile of Company

Namgang Paper Co., Ltd.

Starting as Bu-seong Special Paper in May, 1984, Namgang Paper Co., Ltd. has been a specific paper manufacturing company with the 60 staffs, specializing in tissue paper(for fruit wrapping paper, glass interleaving paper, steel interleaving paper, cord paper, lining paper and food wrapper).
With the sewage treatment plant in Sangpyeong General Industrial Complex, Namgang Paper Co., Ltd. can produce various colored paper, protecting surrounding environment.

Technology of Namgang

Replacing the fruit wrapping paper, all of which was imported from Japan through the R&D in 1991, we succeeded in localizing the grape wrapping paper and have supplied 90% of the fruit wrapping paper in Korea from pear, apple to peach wrapping paper. And approved its high quality and technology of high wet tensile strength against storms and typhoons, we have exported the products to many countries.

Also, with 3 large sized coating machines and 1 printing machine, we have provided various origin paper which is undergone water repellent coating(oil, alcohol, wax and eco-friendly water repellent coating)

Since 1998, we have replaced the imported glass interleaving paper with our localized one, contributing to save the production cost remarkably. We have not been content with the present position, and have almost developed the LCD interleaving paper, battery wrapping paper for electric vehicles, and filter paper for masks through the endless technology development and facility investment.

Trust of Namgang

In December, Namgang Paper Co., Ltd. was rewarded a plaque of appreciation by Jinju City for the sincere taxation of local tax and in November, 2021 we got a Award from Korea SMEs and Startups Agency.