CEO’s Greetings

Nice to meet you?
I am Jun-sik Ha, CEO of Namgang Paper Co., Ltd..

Since May, 1984, when ex-CEO Gyeo-baek Ha founded Bu-seong Special Paper, Namgang Paper Co., Ltd. has been a tissue paper-specific producing company with the 60 staffs, having produced various special papers, especially fruit wrapping paper and distributed the goods in domestic and foreign markets.

In 2008, the company name was changed from Bu-seong Special Paper to Namgang Paper Co., Ltd., and Namgang is the founder’s title name meaning the plum hill in Chinese character. Just like a plum tree standing firmly against the cold storm in winter, we promise to face any difficulties and overcome them.

Namgang Paper Co., Ltd. succeeded in localizing special glass interleaving paper in 1997, which contributed developing the glass industry in Korea by saving production cost and increasing the exportation remarkably.
And starting in 1993 to develop fruit wrapping paper which was fully imported from Japan, we succeeded in localizing it through many trials and erros. Now we have supplied more than 90% of fruit wrapping paper consumed by the farms in Korea, having contributed to improve the farmers’ income.
Moreover, we have provided the origin paper to all the Japanese wrapping paper manufacturers and exported origin wrapping paper for Mango to the East-southern countries, completing 1 million dollars of exportation in 2020, 2 million dollars of exportation in 2021. We aim to export 10 million dollars of exportation in 2030.

Running straight to be a 100-year business, Namgang Paper Co., Ltd. promises to reward the customers by producing the best quality products with our heart and soul.

Thank you.

CEO Jun-sik Ha